So frequently we are attracted to the “easy way” to make money from our inventions.  We hope to find someone who will do it for us, perhaps take a commission in consideration for their work.  As an inventor, we kind of want to believe that our invention is so good that someone will make it happen for us.  On the other hand, we are bright enough to realize that there is no free lunch.  And in the real world, we either do it, or need to pay someone to do it for us.  Is there any other way ...

Invention USA is for the  Do-It-Yourself, for the inventor that needs resources and assistance to profit from their invention.  For the inventor who wants to control the  process of inventing, control the costs of inventing and for the  inventor that wants to profit from his/her invention without giving away ”the Store!” Using many of our resources will save the do-it-yourselfer lots of money, time and aggravation.

Remember ... Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you need to do it alone.

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Inventor Assistance Program
Provides advice for the inventor from invention/concept to royalties and revenue generation.  Learn from the best ... professionals that are  inventors and have successfully licensed and profited from their  inventions.

  • Access & Assistance.  Someone to talk to whenever you need assistance.  And you get answers without always having to pay for it!
  • Prototype Development ... cost  effective prototype solutions
  • Office/Manufacturing Space ... rent an office attached to a manufacturing facility for instant presence and credibility.
  • Invention Assessment ... get  expert advice on whether you should proceed with your invention
  • Patent Assistance ... learn how  to write your own patent, what to include to increase its value, or if  you prefer to use an attorney, how to find one, how to control costs and how to write a patent application specification
  • Detailed RoadMapTM  .. get detailed  step-by-step instructions for licensing or manufacturing a product or  service based on your invention.
  • Licensing Strategy Assistance ... good strategy gets good results
  • Licensing Sales Leads ... good  source for highly qualified ready buyers
  • Marketing Opportunities ... Next Da Vinci roadshow participation, and other marketing services including product flyers, website development and blitz marketing generating instant sales and distribution.
  • Invention Test Marketing ... gets your product into hundreds of stores within 2-3 weeks.  Instant customers.  You get a photo of your product in each store.  Great tool for instant sales and to attract venture capital.
  • Entrepreneurism ... learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • Venture Capital ... access to  well established sources of venture capital
  • Negotiation Assistance/Coaching ... learn negotiating principles and best methods to present and close a licensing opportunity
  • Licensing Contract Design ...  learn which elements need to be included and how to create a winning  agreement
  • Royalty Management ... learn how to assure payment and manage other opportunities

Click Here to Learn of our Free Services